We have plenty of good accomodations nearby. This is a list of some of our partners that we really recommend!

This is probably the closest you get.
Keep on another 3 km on the road and
end up at Franks and Kirstens place.
Here you can rent their really beautiful topfloor.
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On the other side of the river you find this cozy
Holiday Home. In lovely Vormsele just a
stone´s throw from Vindelälven.
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About 50 km north you come to beautiful Rentjärn
where you can choose between 3 cabins to rent.
And take the chance to book a nice guided tour
in the area when you are there.
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If you drive for 30 minutes you will end up at this fantastic location.
Hotel Källan spa & conference will give you a great treat
after spending a day outside. Spa, great food and look at the view,
what more do you need?
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As close as you get to the Umeå river.
Hotell Lappland has a great view, good service
and really good food.
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Hotel, cabin or camping? You find it at Ansia!
Good food and during the summer they have
a really fun aqua park that you need to visist.
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This might be the most beautiful place to stay
in the whole Västerbotten county.
A birdsnest at Granö beckasin.
You can also stay at Eco hotel, cabins or
camping site.
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