Come and meet our best friends

“Our huskies are superstars and our best friends” Thats what Lina said to a local newspaper when they did an article about us. And that is true!

We have 50 Alaskan huskies, both males and females, puppies and retired. They are happy, hardworking and loyal dogs that loves to run. And they need to run. They are born to run.

Alaskan Husky is a mix-breed from the start. You can´t go on a show with an Alaskan Husky. But you can win a sled dog race. Thats why all our dogs looks different. Some are white, some are dark and a few are yellow. Blue eyes or brown eyes, to us it doesn´t matter.

We breed on good qualities:

  • Loves to run
  • Good fur and paws
  • Friendly both with people and other dogs
  • Good eaters, even when they are tired
  • Working attitude
  • Team spirit

This and a lot more is what we call a good sleddog.

When you join us on a tour we will tell you everything you would like to know, and probably more!

Hero – where it all started!

Morgan bought Hero as an ill-behaved youngster that wasn´t trained at all. But he had the most beautiful blue eyes. Morgan was a rookie on dogsledding, Hero as well. But together they explored, they learned, they failed and they tried again. Soon Hero became not only a head leader but also a best friend.

Hero was always trusting Morgan, he followed every word, go left, go right, go over this lake, through the new snow without any trail to follow, over the mountains and deep into the forest. And when the snowstorm came and Morgan did not see the way home, he trusted that Hero safely brought him back.

Morgan and Hero have done everything together, Hero made Morgan the musher he is today. And its all because of Hero that we do this!

Some dogs are a once-in-a-lifetime-dog. Hero sure was. But he still lives in his children, grand children and great grand children that runs our business today.