Come and meet the family

Wild Lapland is a small family business run by Morgan and Lina. We live in the middle of the forest, our work is in the nature and most of our hobbies are outside. We have found the perfect way to combine everything.

Morgan is a big snow lover. -15 degrees is the perfect temperature if you ask him. And also he got the Polar dog disease…..
“The polar dog disease begins with that you get one sled dog. Then you get one more, then you loose count!!! Usually ”normal” people start to pull the emergency brake when their car is full of dogs, I bought a bigger car, and a trailer” Morgan says.

Outdoor life has always been a big part of who he is. The best quality time with his father was when they where going fishing. And that continued on, Morgan was studing to become a fishing and hunting guide in school. He did military service as a special forces group leader and paramedic that specialized on cold wether. He has been running a tourist station in the Swedish mountains with a friend. And then the polar dog disease kicked in at 2005. And as you understand, there is no cure!

Lina has always been an animal lover. Dreamt of being a veterinarian. “When I was 15 i got my first dog and got into dogtraining. Then my dream changed, veterinarain was no longer my call. And as many other 15-year old I did not know what i wanted to work with, I only know that dogs are gonna be a part of my life forever” says Lina.

Lina entered a dog sport school that changed her life. She hade the opportunity to try dogsledding, and guess what happened? She got hooked.

Morgan and Lina met the first time 2008. 2010 Lina moved up to Kiruna to study Naturguiding and started to work with Morgan and his dogs.
And since 2012 we run the business together and since 2016 we also runs a family together.

With 50 dogs and 2 kids we keep our days busy, and we love it!

Who are the huskies? Lets have a look.