Kennel visit
What do the huskies do during the summer?

Welcome in to our kennel and meet our 40 huskies. We will let a bunch of dogs out from the kennels and take a walk in our free running area. You will have time to cuddle and see how happy they are when they play around in the forest.

The visit takes about 1 hour. You need to bring good boots, it might be wet in the free running area. And clothes suitable for the weather conditions, you might get dirty.

Price: 100 sek/person. Kids up to 15 years 50sek/person. Kids are welcome together with an adult.

Booking on request.

Husky walk

We start with a visit in the kennel where you can see how the dogs live. We let a bunch of dogs out from the kennels to run around and play and get some cuddles.

We have a special belt to put around our waist where we will attach the dog. You will now get to feel the power of a sled dog when we take a short walk down to the lake where we will have some swedish “fika”. Means boiling coffee and having a good time next to the fire and cuddling with the dogs.

The visit takes about 2 hours. You need to have clothes suitable for the weather, and you might get dirty and full of dog hair and dog kisses.

Price: 250 sek/adult and kids up to 15 years 150 sek/person. Kids are welcome together with an adult.

Booking on request.

Walking along Vormforsen
This is a shorter tour along Vindelälven where we look at the powerful rapid Vormforsen. Vindelälven is a biosphere area chosen by UNESCO and Vormforsen is a nature reserve with an extra protective area where we can find several rare and red-listed species.

Suitable for the whole family.
There is fireplaces along the way, feel free to bring you our own lunch bag.
We offer coffee and juice.

The tour is about 2 hours.
350 sek/person
150 sek/kid 4-15 years
Kids 0-3 comes for free.

Canoe- and kayak tours
Join us on a wonderful paddle adventure on the lake Ruskträsket. Freely translated the name of the lake means “wet weather swamp”, but actually it is a really nice big lake with small islands in. On one of the islands an eagle lives, if we are lucky we might see it.

The canoe and kayak tours are led by a knowledgeable guide that will tell you how to do and bring you on a nice tour on the lake. We do not require any previous knowledge about paddling, but we require swimming skills on all adults on the tour.

The canoe tour fits the whole family, kids are very welcome to join.
On the kayak tour you go 1 person/kayak and kids that are 15 years and older are welcome.
It is absolutely possible to combine kayak and canoe tours.

3 hours paddling
625 sek/person
300 sek/kids under 15 years

4 hours including swedish fika
350/kids under 15 years

Evening tour 3 hours paddling
750 sek/person
350 sek/kids under 15 years

Full day tour including lunch
1300 sek/person
500 sek/kids under 15 years

Booking on request.

Huskytour with carts / Northern light tour

Many people think that you can only go dogsledding in the winter. But the autumn is actually when all the fun starts. Now it´s time to kick start the training. If you would like to go on a huskytour when it´s not 30 minus degrees and instead of snow we have a green our maybe yellow autumn forest around us, then this is the tour for you!

On this tours we ride on 4-wheeled wagons with space for one person driving and one or two persons sitting on. The wagons has footsteps inside the wheels where the driver will be standing, and a handlebar that you use for steering and braking as you do on a bicycle.

When you arrive at the kennel we will start with a safety instruction about how to drive the wagons. Then we will release the dogs and to put harnesses on together and prepare the teams. Some of the dogs will go crazy and start barking and screaming, and some will just calmly wait for us to get ready. But as soon we start rolling, you will only hear the sound of gravel under the wheels.

And as the huskies most of the wild animals also prefer the colder weather. We might see mooses, foxes, hares or capercaillies along the way. We also know that there are bears in the forest around here, and some time needs to be the first time to see one. Maybe it’s on your tour!

Half way through the tour we will stop and you can change drivers. Then we will continue on to the river Vindelälven, that is a biosphere area chosen by UNESCO. The Vindel river is unregulated and one of our 4 national rivers in Sweden. And in this fantastic river we will let the dogs cool down and drink some water before we go to our fireplace to make some coffee and have a nice time watching the river, solve some world problems and just enjoy life.

After the fika we turn around home again, now you know how everything is working and you can look even deeper into the forest to search for some wildlife. Back home we will give the dogs some snacks and thank them for the tour. We harness of and let them back in to kennel again before it’s time for us to say good bye and thanks for this time.

Maybe we will see you again on a sled next time.

You need to have suitable clothes for the weather conditions. You might get dirty!

This tour requires that you speak good english or swedish.
The tour is about 3 hours

Price: 1250 sek/person

This tour goes on request. Minimum 2 guests.
Start time is flexible and adjusted to the outside temperature.

From September we also offer Northern light tours with carts.
Same setup as above but we drive in the evening instead.
Start time 20.00
Price 1450 sek/person