Come dogsledding with us

Blueberrytour (3h)

On a big wooden sled covered with reindeerskins you will sit comfortably and enjoy the tour. A guide is driving the sled and 10-14 dogs pulls you through the lapland landscape. Half way trough the tour we will stop and make a fire and get some warm drinks. This tour is perfect for photographing and filming while the dogs are running. The professional guide is always nearby to answer any kind of questions.

Mushers Joy (4h)

Let us open the door to the noble art of mushing! Drive your own team of dogs, or share sled with a friend. This tour starts with a lesson in mushing, what to think about and what is important. Hold on, bend your knees to balance and use the brakes. Together we put harnesses on the dogs and get the teams ready. Half way through the tour we stop for soup lunch at our teepee.

Evening tours (3-4h)

Do you want to explore dogsledding during the evening? You can both sit on a big wooden sled and let a guide drive you in the search for the aurora.
Or you can join our Moonlight Mushing that only goes when the full moon is lighning up the surroundings. Drive your own team or share sled with a friend. Half way through the tour we will stop and make a fire and get some warm drinks.

Wild and free mushing
(6 hours)

A full day out in the wild.

For you who has a little experience or for you who want to do something more. Get to know your new friends that is your team mates. Become a part of the team and feel the connection between the hard working dogs and the musher.

This tour takes you further into the wild and we stop for lunch somewhere on route.

This tour requires good physical condition.

There and back again. Chasing the lights!
(24 hours outside)

Enjoy the two best things there is in life. Drive your own team of dogs through the forrest and spend the night in a heated tent.

After a half day of dogsledding we arrive at our camp. Now it is time for us to get to work. We take care of the dogs, make a fire to get the tents warmed up, prepare food for the dogs and of course for us. At the camp there is no electricity or running water, this means total silence and complete darkness during the night.

Snowshoe hike
(2-3 hours)

When the snow is a meter deep it is almost impossible to walk anywere ofroad wihtout snowshoes. It´s a really nice feeling to almost float on top of the snow and be able to walk where noone else has been.

Enjoy a coffee break in the middle of the forrest, or join a night hike with a torch and headlight and explore the wild nature in darkness.


We are an official Västerbotten Experience.
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you’ll get the most genuine of the Västerbotten culture and nature.

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As a Västerbotten Experience, our business is based on sustainability. And always characterized by Västerbotten’s lifestyle and hospitality. Look out for the Västerbotten Experience sign when planning your trip.
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