Evening tours

Chase the aurora (3h)

On a big wooden sled covered with reindeerskins  you will sit comfortably and enjoy the tour. A guide is driving the sled and 10-14 dogs pulls you through the dark lapland landscape. Half way trough the tour we will stop and make a fire and get some warm drinks. On this tour we are chasing for the aurora. Our trails goes far away from the light pollution and gives us great chances to see the northern light.

We want everyone to participate in handling and preparing the dogs for the run. You will get the know the whole team up close and personal before we leave. We will teach you how to harness and hook on the dogs to the sled.

The tour is usually between 15-20 km, a little bit depending on the weather and trail conditions. When we come back to the kennel we give the dogs a treat. When they are finished and you have said thank you to them, we get the harnesses off and let all the dogs back into their kennels.

Winter boots and overalls to keep you warm.

Transfer to and from the kennel.
Hats and gloves

Min 2 persons

1400 sek/person
7-15 år: 900 sek
0-6 år: 400 sek

Moonlight mushing (4h)

A few times per winter we get this amazing moonlight that allows us to go dogsledding in the dark without using our headlights. Exploring the nature in the dark is something truly amazing, everything looks different and the shadows from the moonlight are dancing in the snow.

This tour starts with a lesson in mushing, what to think about and what is important. Hold on, bend your knees to balance and use the brakes. After that it is time for us to get to know the dogs a bit and get them harnessed up. And then we get ready to go! Zip up your suit, get the mittens and the camera on! Our dogs are professionals however our guests are usually not:) We take it slow and easy to begin with and you will soon get the hang of it!!

Just remember! Use the brakes.

On this tour you get to drive your own team of dogs. If you want to you can also share sled with a friend. We stop after approx 30 minutes to change drivers if you are two or just stretch your legs a little bit, or maybe take a photo. This is just a quick stop, 5 minutes and then we head on again! After another 1/2 hour we stop to warm up at a fire and drink some coffee before we head back home again. 

Winter boots and overall to keep you warm

Transfer to and from the kennel.
Hats and gloves

This tour runs :


2250 SEK/person drive your own sled
1850 SEK/person shared with a friend

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