Mushers Joy

This tour starts with a lesson in mushing, what to think about and what is important. Hold on, bend your knees to balance and use the brakes. After that it is time for us to get to know the dogs a bit and get them harnessed up. And then we get ready to go! Zip up your suit, get the mittens and the camera on! Our dogs are professionals however our guests are usually not. We take it slow and easy to begin with and you will soon get the hang of it.

Just remember! Use the brakes.

On this tour you get to drive your own team of dogs. If you want to you can also share sled with a friend. We stop after approx 30 minutes to change drivers if you are two or just stretch your legs a little bit, or maybe take a photo. This is just a quick stop, 5 minutes and then we head on again.
After another 1/2 hour we stop for a soup lunch. We make a fire and warm up a bit with soup and a cup of coffee. After lunch we turn around and head on home. 

Back home the snackbag awaits for the dogs and they get a well deserved treat after the run. We get the harnesses of and let them back into their kennels. After that it is time to change clothes again and head out for new adventures!

Winter boots and overall to keep you warm.

Transfer to and from the kennel.
Hats and gloves

1950 SEK/person drive your own sled
1600 SEK/person share sled with a friend

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