Snowshoe hike

When the snow is a meter deep it is almost impossible to walk anywere ofroad wihtout snowshoes. It´s a really nice feeling to almost float on top of the snow and be able to walk where noone else has been.

Even the mooses with their long legs has trouble walking around in really deep snow. That means that they stay still a lot and it´s a good chanse to see them during the winter. We will see tracks of other wild animals and during the 3 hour tour we will make a stop for coffee at a nice place in the forrest.

On the night hike we bring a torch and a headlight, but some nights the moon is shining the way for us, or maybe the aurora is dancing in the sky. When we turn of the headlight you will explore a darkness and quiteness that you never meet in the citys.

2 hour walk
350 sek/person

3 hour including coffeebreak
475 sek/person

2 hour night hike
400 sek/person

Maximum 4 people

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