Easter offer

Easter dogsled tour

Do you plan to stay home in Sweden for Easter? Why don´t you take the possibility to try out dogsledding then?

This tour is offered exclusively for couples/families or small groups of maximum 8 people. Every booking gets their own tour which means that you will only meet your guide and our lovely dogs.

On this tour you are sitting on a big sled that a guide is driving. Up to 4 adults can fit on one sled.

We always starts with letting the dogs out from their kennels to run around and si hi to you. Then we will together put the harnesses on to the dogs and prepare the team.

We are going on a shorter run for about 6 km (30 minutes) whitout any break. And back home again we will take of the harnesses and cuddle with the dogs before we let them back in to the kennel again.

This tour is perfect if you want a shorter tour just to try out dogsledding and meet our friendly dogs.

800 SEK/adult
Kids 0-15 år:
400 SEK/kid

You are here for about 1,5 hour in total.

This offer is valid from 29th march and as long as we still have enough snow to run on.