Autumn overnight tour with dog sled team

Autumn overnight tour with dog sled team

Drive a Cart pulled by my Alaskan Huskies and spend the night in my heated tipitent on soft sleeping mats and reindeer skins.

Fall is a great time to be outside in nature. Northern lights, shifting colors in the forest, no mosquitos anymore! Very high cozy factor sitting by the campfire with a blanket around you. Burning sunsets and frost in the morning sun. Magical doesn’t do it justice!

We drive carts with space for 1 driver and 1 passenger. The cart is easy to handle and reminds a lot of a bicycle with it´s handle bar and handbrakes.

On our tour we travel about 20km down to a beach by the Vindel river where we stay for the night. 

We stay overnight in a Tentipi tent with a wood fire stove inside. We put out inflatable down filled air mattresses on top of reindeer skins to protect us from the cold of the ground. We have appropriate sleeping bags that we use during winter (down to -30) and we are pretty sure that it’s not going to be that cold!? You will also get a sleeping bag liner that will isolate even a little bit more.

We usually let the fire die out in the late evening and we sleep comfortably in our sleeping bags. In the morning I come in and make a new fire in the stove so that you can wake up in peace and quiet and to a warm tent. 

While you wake up I’ll prepare breakfast for the dogs and when you got yourself dressed we feed the dogs together. 

Now we get time for ourselves for a long breakfast with all sorts of delicacies from the area, and of course coffee! 

After breakfast we pack up our belongings and start our journey towards home.

We expect to be back home just before lunch. 

Included in the tour. 

A cart for 2 persons and 6-8 huskies


Tent with a stove

Sleeping mat and sleeping bags

Sleeping bag sheet to use inside the sleeping bag.

Overall and warm shoes and mittens


All the food during the tour. 

Dinner and evening snacks day 1 and breakfast and snacks on the way home. 

Head light 


Transfer to and from the kennel.

Hats we believe are personal so please bring your own.

Clothes to wear under your suit. The overall is great to put on top of everything else you might have on but it is not enough on its own. You can expect to use at least 1 set of thermal underwear and some shell clothes as well before you get the suit on.


Adults 15+ 3000SEK/p

Children 7-15 2000SEK/p

Children 0-6 1000SEK/p

What to think about before the tour:

Good clothes!

Underwear in wool is the best. Wool keeps you warm even if it gets wet, cotton doesn’t. It can be good to bring an extra pair of long johns and a long sleeve t-shirt to make sure you have dry clothes when you go to sleep.

Many thin layers are always better than one thick one.

Wool socks, preferably double pairs and an extra to switch in case you get wet.

A nice warm hat, one thinner and one warmer can be good since the weather could be changing quickly. 

Smaller liner gloves to have inside bigger mittens.

Finger gloves to use when we are working with the dogs.

Scarf to protect your face against wind.


Extra snacks or candy that you want during the tour.

Toothbrush and other hygiene articles that you need. 

Bring extra batteries to the camera, they run out quickly if it’s cold. It is good to keep them near your body to keep them warm.

Tripod if you want to try night photography. 

Do not use skin cream or make up, they are usually water based and then they can create frostbites on your skin. If you really want to use something make sure it’s fat based and use it in the evening during the night.

The best way to stay warm outside is to move around. If it is really cold it’s important that you move and keep active. To keep your feet warm you need to have a lot of air in the shoes and have room to move your toes. Rather choose a bigger pair of shoes than the one that fits perfectly.


We need to know if you have any sickness or allergies in good time before the tour. Or if you use any medicines. This is a safety rule in case something happens. And also if you need any special food. 

Local cuisine up here in the north normally consists of various meat, mostly game meat like capercaillie, and moose but also reindeer and of course fish like trout or arctic char. 


We are really looking forward to meeting you.



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