Autumn tour with Sleddogs

Autumn tour with Sleddogs

Finally the colder season is here! The trees are shifting in color and the birds are starting to gather up in groups, ready to move on. Crispy air and absolutely perfect for me and my furry coworkers to take you on tour!

On this tour we drive carts with space for 1 driver (standing) and 1 passenger (sitting). At our place the meeting between the dogs and you is a large part of the tour. 

When you arrive at the kennel we will start with a safety instruction about how to drive the wagons. Then we will release the dogs and put harnesses on together and prepare the teams.

Some of the dogs will go crazy and start barking and screaming, and some will just calmly wait for us to get ready. But as soon we start rolling, you will only hear the sound of gravel under the wheels.

Half way through the tour we will stop and you can change drivers.

Then we will continue on to the river Vindelälven, that is a biosphere area chosen by UNESCO. The Vindel river is unregulated and one of our 4 national rivers in Sweden. And in this fantastic river we will let the dogs cool down and drink some water before we go to our fireplace. On the riverbank we make some coffee and have a nice time watching the river, solve some problems of the world and just enjoy life.

After the fika we turn around home again, now you know how everything works and you can look even deeper into the forest to search for some wildlife. Back home we will give the dogs some snacks and thank them for the tour. We harness of and let them back in to their kennels again before it’s time for us to say goodbye and thank you for this time.

Maybe we will see you again on a sled next time


Times and prices

We start running this tour regularly in september and run until the snow arrives and we change to sleds.

This tour goes in the morning and the afternoon  

9 to about 12,30

14 to about 17,30

Adults 15+ 1950:-/p 

Children 7-14 950

Children 0-6 400


Add lunch to your tour and we eat a nice warm meal together by the fire. If you book lunch we start the tour a little bit later and stay out a bit longer. 

Tour with lunch

10 to about 14

Adults 15+ 2450:-/p

Children 7-14 950

Children 0-6 400


Included in the tour:


Cart with space for 1 driver and 1 passenger. Smaller kids (0-6) ride together with an adult. 

Overalls, warm shoes and mittens to borrow. 

Large raincoats

Fika or lunch by the fire



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