Husky walk

Husky walk

Follow our superstars and let them show you our place


The activity takes about 2 hours

Starting times




Adults 15+ 500 SEK

Children 4-15 250

Children 0-3 free in company with an adult.



We start with a visit in the kennel where you can see how the dogs
live. We let a bunch of dogs out from the kennels to run around and play
and get some cuddles.

We have a special belt to put around our waist where we will attach
the dog. You will now get to feel the power of a sled dog when we take a
short walk down to the lake where we will have some Swedish “fika”.
Means boiling coffee and having a good time next to the fire and
cuddling with the dogs.

If the weather is nice you can take bathing clothes with you and take a dip with a furry friend.

All our dogs are very social and friendly and they appreciate a lot of cuddles!

They are also used to children which means that this is suitable for the whole family.

We can adjust the walk so that even the smallest ones can join our hike, and it is possible to bring a stroller.




Belt and leash and a 4-legged, furry guide

2-legged guide

Swedish fika


Some things to think about

Clothes and shoes suitable for the weather conditions.

My coworkers love to hug, please bring clothes that can be washed.



We are looking forward to hear from you

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