Midnight sun run

Midnight sun run

This is the ultimate summer night adventure. Explore the northern forest on a wagon pulled by our happy huskies.

In the warm sun during the days the huskies are not doing much at all, mostly sleeping somewhere in the shadow. But when the sun is getting lower and the temperature drops they are waking up again. Now it is time to go on a Midnight sun run!

On this tours we ride on 4-wheeled wagons with space for 2 adults, one person
driving and one person sitting on. The wagons has footsteps
inside the back wheels where the driver will be standing, and a handlebar
that you use for steering and braking as you do on a bicycle.

In total we drive for about 1 hour, we have to see what weather it is on your day. The shortest tour we do is 11km.

When you arrive at the kennel we will start with a safety instruction about how to drive the wagons. Then we will release the dogs and put harnesses on together and prepare the teams.

Some of the dogs will go crazy and start barking and screaming, and some will just calmly wait
for us to get ready. But as soon we start rolling, you will only hear
the sound of gravel under the wheels.

And as the huskies most of the wild animals also prefer the colder
weather. We might see mooses, foxes, hares or capercaillies along the
way. We also know that there are bears in the forest around here, and
some time needs to be the first time to see one. Maybe it’s on your

Half way through the tour we will stop and you can change drivers.
Then we will continue on to the river Vindelälven, that is a biosphere
area chosen by UNESCO. The Vindel river is unregulated and one of our 4
national rivers in Sweden. And in this fantastic river we will let the
dogs cool down and drink some water before we go to our fireplace to
make some coffee and have a nice time watching the river, solve some
world problems and just enjoy life.

After the fika we turn around home again, now you know how everything
is working and you can look even deeper into the forest to search for
some wildlife. Back home we will give the dogs some snacks and thank
them for the tour. We harness of and let them back in to their kennels again
before it’s time for us to say good bye and thanks for this time.

Maybe we will see you again on a sled next time.

Times and prices

This tour we run in June

We start at 22 and we are done around 1:30

Adults 15+ 2500:-/p 

Children 7-15 1250

Children 0-6 400 

Included in the tour


Wagon with space for 1 driver and 1 passenger. Smaller kids (0-6) ride together with an adult. 

We have warm clothes to borrow if needed

Large raincoats

Fika by the fire



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