On a big wooden sled covered with reindeer skins, you will sit comfortably and enjoy the tour. A guide is driving the sled and 10-14 dogs pull you through the Lapland landscape. Halfway through the tour we will stop by our Lavvu, (teepee) and make a fire to get some warm drinks and taste some local delicacies. This tour is perfect for photographing and filming while the dogs are running. The professional guide is always nearby to answer any kind of questions.

We want everyone to participate in handling and preparing the dogs for the run. You will get the know the whole team up close and personal before we leave. We will teach you how to harness and hook on the dogs to the sled.

The tour is usually between 13 and 17 km, a little bit depending on the weather and trail conditions. When we come back to the kennel we give the dogs a treat. When they are finished and you have said thank you to them, we get the harnesses off and let all the dogs back into their kennels.


Winter boots and overalls to keep you warm, we also have large mittens for you.


Transfer to and from the kennel.

Hats we believe are personal so please bring your own.


9,00-12,00 and 14,00-17,00 Normal max group size 8p

1500 sek/person

7-15 år: 800 sek

0-6 år: 400 sek



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