Chase the aurora

Chase the aurora

Experience the northern lights by dogsled!

Let our best friends pull you away into the dark night

Take a seat on a big wooden sled covered with reindeer skins while your guide and his dogs take you on an adventure through the starlit Lapland landscape. Out here there is no light pollution giving you the best chance to chase and experience the northern lights.

Halfway through the tour, we take a break. You will help prepare a cozy fire in the wilderness, brew some fresh coffee and take in the extraordinary views of the night sky.

We always want our guests to have a whole experience while touring with our pack! So, before you start your tour, you get to meet and get up close and personal with our dogs.

Preparing the dogs for the run is part of the experience where our guide will show you how to harness and hook up the dogs to the sled! After the tour, we give our new friends a treat! When they are finished, it’s time to say thank you to your team, take off their harnesses and let them back to their kennels for some well-deserved rest.

The length of this tour is depending on weather and trail conditions and the route can be between 13 to 17 kilometers.



Winter boots and overall to keep you warm, we also have large mittens for you.



Transfer to and from the kennel.

Hats we believe are personal so please bring your own.

Warm clothes suitable for the weather to have underneath your overall. The overall is a great protection from the elements but you need to dress for the weather that is that day, warm, cold, windy or calm.



20.00-23.00 Normal max group size 8p


2450 sek/person

7-15 år: 800 sek

0-6 år: 400 sek




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