King of the forest, A wilderness excursion

King of the forest, A wilderness excursion

Come with us and search for Moose


We start at 9,00 and we are back home around 14,00. Including lunch – 5 hours


On this tour the guide drives a snowmobile and you sit comfortably in a large sled behind.
You have your camera ready and we stop at some places along the route where we know the mooses are likely to be.
We live in an area where the migratory mooses like to stay.

There are many mooses that migrate down from the mountains just like the reindeers because it is easier to survive down here in the forest. This means that mooses gather in larger groups and are more likely to stay in the same area for a longer time.

But bare in mind that mooses can be anywhere in the forest and we also might see Capercaillie, Black grouse, Ptarmigan and maybe Reindeers.
The tour goes into an area where almost no other people move. The only way to get here is on skis or snowmobiles.

The guide will show you different tracks and explain about what happens in the forest and about halfway into the tour we go up to a wind shelter to have a proper fika by the open fire.

Included in the experience

Warm jacket and pants and proper winter boots, big mittens and balaclava/ neck gaiter.
Seat in a sled, pulled behind the snowmobile driven by a professional guide.
Lunch by the fire, local delicacies, meat, cheese, chocolate and of course coffee.



Adult 1800 SEK/p

Children 4-15 1000 SEK/P

Children 0-3 500 SEK/p


What to bring

Camera. The Tele lens is most suitable, between 100-300mm is usually the best. And the tripod.
Binoculars if you have. We have a few that we happily lend you.
We believe hats are personal so please bring your own.

We are looking forward to hear from you

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