Mushers Joy

Mushers Joy

Welcome into the world of sleddogs!

Have you ever been a part of something special? Being a part of a dogsled team is exactly that!

Get enchanted. Take the first step into our world.  Feel the power and love from the dogs and enjoy the fantastic nature!

You and the dogs become one unit and experience this tour together. 


About this tour

Mushers joy is short for the incredible feeling it is to be a part of a smooth, well-trained group of individuals that are doing exactly what they love!

This is where you come in. You are the driver of the team! You are handling the sled, we need you to do your part in using the brakes and balance the sled for this to be as good as it can get.

But is that so hard? I would say, No. The trail is well-prepared and all our focus is on giving you a great day outside together with us. The dogs are professionals as am I, but make no mistake. We need you to!

The tour starts with a lesson in mushing, what to think about and what is important. Hold on, bend your knees to balance and use the brakes. After that it is time for us to get to know the dogs.  We let all the dogs that are running with us out of their kennels, let them warm up a bit and say hello before we get them harnessed and hooked up in front of the sled. Getting a dog team ready is not just turning a key, but now we are almost ready to go! Zip up your suit, get the mittens and the camera on! Our dogs are professionals however our guests are usually not:) We take it slow and easy to begin with and you will soon get the hang of it!! 

Just remember! Use the brakes:) 

This is when you realice that you are running an Alaskan Husky team! Born to run is such an understatement that you need to experience it to comprehend. My plan is to let the dogs run as they should and can. For us that means that we can relax. Enjoy the view, make a movie or photograph, or just stand there on the runners and admire the dogs when they are doing exactly what they where born to do!

Alaskan Huskies is the ultimate longdistance sleddog! No one can compare, but an ultramarathon runner is the human resemblance. Our friends trot on in moderate 12-17km/h. Naturally they are rather excited in the start, and there we need to control them a bit with our brakes, but after a short while we enter our own speed and now the dogs can keep on for hours without getting tired.

On this tour the most common thing to do is to share a sled on 2 persons and take turns driving. You can also drive your own team yourself all the time. The tour is divided into 4 sections, we run about a quarter of the way before we make a quick stop and here we have the chance to change the driver if you are two or just stretch your legs a little bit. A couple of minutes and then we head on again! After the next stage we stop for a good soup lunch in our tipi! We make a fire and warm up a bit, and of course drink a cup of coffee! After lunch we turn around and head home. 

Back home the snack bag awaits for the dogs and they get a well deserved treat after the run! We get the harnesses off and let them back into their kennels! After that it is time to change clothes again and head out for new adventures!!




Huskyteam consisting of usually 5 Alaskan Huskies

Lunch in our tipitent

Winter boots and Warm jacket and pants to keep you warm, we also have large mittens for you.

Ski googles are also available if it is snowing a lot on our tour.



Transfer to and from the kennel.

Hats we believe are personal so please bring your own.

Warm clothes suitable for the weather to have underneath your overall. The clothes we have is a great protection from the elements but you need to dress for the weather that is that day, warm, cold, sunny or snowy.

Think about the sun. Pure, pristine winter landscape reflect the sunlight in a way that might be disturbing, Please consider bringing sunglasses to your tour.






4250 SEK/person drive your own sled Normal max group size 6p

3150 SEK/person shared with a friend Normal max group size 8p

1250 SEK/person Accompanying children under 15 years old

Required age to drive a team is 15, children younger than that can ride on the parents sled.

If you have smaller children (0-6), maybe the Blueberry tour is the best choice for you. Please contact us and we discuss it.




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