Private stay on the island Winter

Private stay on the island Winter

In the middle of the view!

Private stay in our cabin on the island in the middle of the frozen lake, Ruskträsket!

This is where the magic happens!

The Island! Your exclusive private island experience! Relax and enjoy stunning scenery undisturbed. Wild Lapland’s Island Experience includes everything you need for a rustic and peaceful experience in nature. 



The ultimate thing to do if you are looking to see the northern lights! Our island is situated in the middle of the rather large lake Ruskträsket. The island is surrounded by at least 300m of ice all around. This makes it a perfect place to stay at when waiting for the enchanting but elusive Aurora.

This package that we put together is of course a place to sleep. Woodfire stove inside the well insulated cabin makes the inside very warm and cosy. Double beds for 6p and 2 bunkbeds if you are up to 8 persons. But this is a private stay, only you as a couple or your family/group.

But we put this together for you to relax and enjoy yourselves and to feel and hear what it is to be in the middle of nature. Ruskträsket is a place with no light pollution. It is only stars above your head. Because we are on the lake, the horizon is very low, and this means that if the Auroras are visible there is a great chance that you get to see them.

When you arrive at Wild lapland at 15,00 your guide is taking care of you and equip you with warm clothes and shoes. We make sure we have everything and then you take the snowmobile with all the things that you need out to the island.

Once on the island we make a fire in the stove to start heating up the cabin. Then your guide takes you on a short snowshoe walk across the lake and you get a afternoon fika by the shoreline. The sun sets already around 15 depending on when you are here during the winter, but when you arrive at the island it is already quite dark, dark enough to see if there are any Northern Lights dancing!

After your afternoon walk the cabin is warm and it is time for dinner. You cook a lovely dinner together and your guide takes care of you.

After dinner you are left alone to enjoy your evening in private. Set up the camera to photograph the sky, drink wine in front of the fireplace, enjoy the silence around you.

Normally we let the fire die out during the late evening but we make sure there is enough firewood to keep the fire going if it is really cold outside.

In the morning your guide comes and makes a fire in the stove again. You eat breakfast together and then it is time to pack up and head back to Wild Lapland again. Most certainly with a mind that is full of new impressions and hopefully with a memory card full of pictures of the lady Aurora dancing!?



We meet at Wild Lapland at 15,00

At 15,30 we have gotten our clothes on and packed our stuff in the snowmobile sled

16,00 we arrive at the island and install ourselves in the cabin

16,30-18,00 Guided snowshoehike

18,00-20,00 Dinner together

At 20,00 you are left alone for the night.

7,00 the guide wakes you up and makes a fire.

7,00-9,00 Breakfast together

9,00 pack up and start you return journey.

9,30 Thank you for this time.



This tour is private and we include 2 persons in the original price. Then if you are more in your group we add on for them.

Price for 2 persons including everything. 14900 SEK

Additional guests 4500 SEK/person


Included in the tour

Bedsheets in the cabin

Dry toilet at the island

Jacket and pants, shoes and big mittens. The Jacket and pants are an extra layer to put on top of your clothes, so you still need to have your own winter clothes on.  The shoes are arctic winter boots especially made for winter climate, if you use a double pair of wool socks you should stay warm.

Mittens are essential for keeping your hands warm when driving a sled. Use wool liners inside or maybe a thin finger glove.

Please state your normal shoe and clothes size when booking.

Headlamp on tour

Transport to and from the island


Fika and dinner day 1 and breakfast day 2


About the Aurora

This is a nature phenomenon. That means that there is no chance whatsoever to make it happen. We hope and pray!

But! Forecasts are made and they are pretty accurate. The issue is that they are made when there is something happening on the sun. It takes about 3 days for the particles from the sun to hit our atmosphere and create our beloved Aurora. And we like to think that you want to plan a little longer in advance. This is why we fill your holiday with wonderful experiences and then if we are lucky enough to see the aurora, that is the little extra that makes your holiday go from wow to WOW!

We are situated in a great spot thanks to that there is no light pollution around us. Then the rest is up to whoever is in charge. But remember! Stay awake! Stay outside!


What to think about before the tour

Good clothes!

Underwear in wool is the best. Wool keeps you warm even if it gets wet, cotton doesn’t. It can be good to bring an extra pair of long johns and a long sleeve t-shirt to make sure you have dry clothes when you go to sleep.

Many thin layers are always better than one thick one.

Wool socks, preferably double pairs and an extra to switch in case you get wet.

A nice warm hat, one thinner and one warmer can be good since the weather could be changing quickly.

Smaller liner gloves to have inside bigger mittens.

Scarf to protect your face against wind.

Extra snacks or candy that you want during the tour.

Toothbrush and other hygiene articles that you need.

Bring extra batteries to the camera, they run out quickly if it’s cold. It is good to keep them near your body to keep them warm.

Tripod if you want to try night photography.

Do not use skin cream or make up, they are usually water based and then they can create frostbites on your skin. If you really want to use something make sure it’s fat based and use it in the evening during the night.

The best way to stay warm outside is to move around. If it is really cold it’s important that you move and keep active. To keep your feets warm you need to have a lot of air in the shoes and have room to move your toes. Rather choose a bigger pair of shoes than the one that fits perfectly.

We need to know if you have any sickness or allergies in good time before the tour. Or if you use any medicines. This is a safety rule in case something happens. And also if you need any special food. 

Local cuisine up here in the north normally consists of various meat, mostly game meat like capercaillie, and moose but also reindeer and of course fish like trout or arctic char. 

We are really looking forward to meeting you.

Just send us an email if you have any questions.

See you!




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