The Best of Wild Lapland in Autumn

The Best of Wild Lapland in Autumn

Exklusive stay on your own island!

Paddle slowly through beaver territory!

Drive your own team of huskies under the midnight sky!

Autumn comes to us and during august and september we see a large transformation in nature around us. Magical sunsets, crispy mornings, great fishing, cozy fires made all the time, both inside and outside. And not to forget, now the darker period starts and we have the chance to see the enchanting Aurora Borealis again!


Fishing kayak in the stream

We start our journey 9 o’clock at the Wild Lapland headquarters. Here we introduce ourselves and get our lifejackets before getting in the car that will take us deep into the forest up to Bjurbäcken. This is a stream in the middle of the forest where we slowly drift/paddle downstream through the beaver territory. We stop for lunch at the riverbank about halfway. 

The first half of the tour is a bit more stream and after lunch the creek widens a bit, slows down more to a steady float and this is where the beavers live. 

There are no currents or rapids on the stretch where we are paddling. 

We travel through a landscape that is mostly deserted. We usually see more mooses and reindeers than people! 

Beavers are mostly night active but we will see tracks from them and we pass their hide. Sometimes we have seen the beavers during the day as well.  

After a full day on the creek we get ourselves back home. 

We should be home about 16.00. Now its time to pickup your stuff and the food that we bring to the island. 

The island

We take the car down to the lake and get everything into the motorboat. 

The ride is about 3km, 10-20min depending on the weather. 

Finally we are at “The Island”

Relaxing, private, stunning scenery! 

Our Pearl is a small island in the rather large lake Ruskträsket. On here is a newly renovated little cabin suitable for a night in total secludedness! In this package everything we think you need is included! 

At the island we explain how we thought this could be and you will get a safety briefing. 

There is a small boat with an electric engine on, at the island for your disposal. We can also arrange a canoe or kayak for you if you prefer that. 

Wood fire stove for heating and a gas stove to cook on inside and beautiful fireplaces outside. 

On the Island you decide what the focus is. 

Swim around the island! 

Drink wine on the porch at sunset! 

Grill an evening snack on the open fire just outside your doorstep! 

Listen to the silence!

Gaze at the stars in the middle of the night! 

Sleep in comfortable beds and wake up to the sound of birds chirping!

Have your breakfast in peace and really enjoy your time in paradise! 


We have prepared a cold lunch for you to enjoy yourselves out on your own adventure. 

If you prefer we can take you out on a guided adventure around in the area. 


At 16.00 we come to pick you up and transport you up to Björklunda Bed and breakfast where you can relax and freshen up a bit before dinner and eventually our nightly adventure. 

Autumn Aurora Adventure

At 22 we meet back at Wild Lapland headquarters to go on an Autumn Aurora Adventure! 

This is a magical experience where we get to meet the true superstars of Wild Lapland. The Alaskan Huskies! 

Alaskan Huskies love to run! That’s a true understatement! But they also love to cuddle up with you and enjoy the time outside. 

We drive carts on this tour where you share 1 cart on 2 persons. 1 driver and 1 passenger and then we stop to change halfway if you want to. 

By the majestic Vindelriver we stop to let the dogs drink and we have midnight fika by the fire. Here we listen to the silence, enjoy the river and the company with our superstar and of course, drink a cup of coffee! 

During the autumn when the sky finally gets dark again we get a magical view of the night sky. Moonrises, stars and comets and maybe, maybe we get lucky enough to see the Aurora dancing! 

When we are satisfied with our time by the river our huskies pull us home and we say goodbye for now. About 02.00


Thanks to our nightly adventure you can have a late breakfast at Björklunda and checkout is at 12. 



18000SEK/2p including meals that you cook yourself. 

For additional guests 

4500/p up to 4 guests in total 



We meet at Wild Lapland at 9.00 day 1

We are back from our kayak tour at about 16

We are on the Island about 17.00

You are left alone at about 18.00

We pick you up at 16.00 day 2

Arrival at Björklunda about 17.30

Time for dinner and maybe a sauna!?

Meeting at Wild Lapland for Autumn Aurora Adventure at 22,00

We are back at Wild Lapland at 02.00

Checkout Björklunda 12,00 day 3


Included in this package

All meals. 

Lunch on tour day 1

Dinner day 1 and 2

Evening snacks day 1

Breakfast day 2 and 3

Lunch day 2

All meals are prepared by you except for lunch on tour day 1 and evening snacks that we have on tour day 2. 

On the Island there is a proper gas stove, at Björklunda Bed and breakfast there are all the things you find in a normal kitchen.

Please tell us if you have any food restrictions when booking. 

Bed Linen and towels.

Boat with electric engine, lifejackets

Transport to and from the island.


We can arrange canoes and/or kayaks, paddleboards and fishing equipment for an additional cost.

It is possible to book an additional tour on day 2.


Good to know

The cabin on the Island is off-grid.

There is a power bank where you can charge your small electric devices. There is a multi cable which fits most phone charging ports. 

We bring drinking water in a can. 

The water in the lake is absolutely fine for bathing and washing hands, doing the dishes and other non-eating stuff. If you boil the lake water it is absolutely perfect for cooking.

Dry toilet is on the Island. Please do not go to the toilet in any other place when on the Island. This is an everyone sits down kind of toilet!

Dirty water is poured out on one specific place. 

Use lifejackets all the time while in a boat or canoe/kayak. 

Do not use the boats or canoes if you have been drinking alcohol. 

When bathing please stay safe, the water is probably colder than in the Mediterranean which means that you might get exhausted quicker than you expect. 

Mosquitoes are around. Depending on the weather it can be a lot or less but the bite is not dangerous and we have no illnesses like malaria up here. Aloe Vera ointment on a bite usually helps just fine. 

This is a thing with coming up to us here. 

Yes we have mosquitos! But, repellents are working. If you are a bit prepared this is no issue. If you are unprepared this could ruin your stay. We happily answer all your questions about it. 

We provide you with some mosquito repellent that we think works. If you have medical issues please bring your own. 

There are mosquito nets for the windows in the cabin so you can have the window open during the night if needed. 

Dark curtains are put up for you who find the midnight sun a bit annoying. 

We do not control the weather.

We run tours in nature and we respond to whatever weather we have. Check the weather prognosis for our region before you travel. 

We have raincoats to lend you if needed.

When you make a fire it is crucial that you are careful! Only make fires at dedicated fireplaces. Make sure that you put out the fire with plenty of water before you leave. 

If you make a trip away from the island bring firewood and lighting material with you. 

At Björklunda you have the same comfort as home. 

We have the same need for protection against the sun as on Mallorca. Please bring sunscreen and/ or protective clothes especially when on the kayak tour at Bjurbäcken. 



We have insurances for this type of business. 

The insurance fee if something happens is 7500SEK 

If something happens that needs special cleaning we use a cleaning company from Lycksele. Their rate is 575SEK/hour. This is not applicable for the insurance. 

At the island you are responsible for keeping yourself and the island safe. Turn of gas, put out fires outside. Close doors. Tie up the boat safely. 


In case of emergency, call the Guide who will call the emergency service. 

You are located at “Mitterstholmen” in the lake “Ruskträsket” in Lycksele Kommun. 

My number is 

004670-2305392 Morgan Liljemark 

Wild Lapland 



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