The Best of Wild Lapland in Winter

The Best of Wild Lapland in Winter

Winter is for me the absolute highlight of the year! Crispy air to breathe and every snowflake is a unique piece of art. I want to go out with my dogs and have a lovely time behind them running through the forest. I also like the auroras that are out almost every clear night. In the forest there are both birds and foxes and of course the majestic Moose! 

We have combined all those parts for you to enjoy in this package. We feel that in order for us to make it as special as we feel that this package deserves we made it a private tour. Bring your best friend or gather a smaller party and come enjoy our world for a while!


We start at 9:30 at Wild Lapland dog sled kennel. Here it is tough to come in unnoticed! We get dressed up in proper winter boots and an insulated overall that protects you from the wind and the cold. We also have large mittens and socks for you to borrow. 

Now it is time to go and meet the dogs!

Mushers Joy

The tour starts with a lesson in mushing, what to think about and what is important. Hold on, bend your knees to balance and use the brakes. After that it is time for us to get to know the dogs a bit. We let all the dogs that are running with us out of their kennels, let them warm up a bit and say hello to them before we get them harnessed and hooked up in front of the sled. And then we get ready to go! Zip up your suit, get the mittens and the camera on! Our dogs are professionals however our guests are usually not:) We take it slow and easy to begin with and you will soon get the hang of it!! 

Just remember! Use the brakes:) 

On this tour you get to drive your own team of dogs. If you want to, you can also share a sled with a friend. The tour is divided into 4 sections, we run about a quarter of the way before we make a quick stop and here we have the chance to change the driver if you are two or just stretch your legs a little bit. A couple of minutes and then we head on again! After the next stage we stop for a good soup lunch in our tipi! We make a fire and warm up a bit with a cup of coffee! After lunch we turn around and head home.

At around 14 we are back at the kennel and here we take care of the dogs and let them back into their kennels. 

Now I say thank you for today and leave you in the hands of Frank. My eminent neighbor and friend/co-guide. 

The Island

Frank takes you out to the island with a snowmobile and sled and will stay with you until late evening. 

We bring everything we need and drive out to the island about 15 min away. 

On the island we install ourselves and make a fire in the stove. Right now the cabin has the same temperature as the outside but with the fire it will quickly be warm and toasting inside. 

Now you have some free time to take a short walk and explore the surroundings while your guide prepares for dinner.

The evening has the sole purpose of being relaxing and joyful, there are plenty of drinks and snacks and at any given moment the aurora could start dancing in the absolutely black sky, Except for the millions of stars that are visible here. 

In the evening you will be left alone to enjoy a good night’s sleep in privacy and Frank will be back for breakfast tomorrow morning. 


In the morning Frank comes back and makes a fire in the stove and then starts to prepare breakfast. 

After breakfast it is time to pack up and to go back to the kennels to leave your luggage and pick up your lunchbox. 

Now time has come to head out into the snowy landscape in search of the King of the Forest! 

King of the forest, A wilderness excursion

On this tour the guide drives a snowmobile and you sit comfortably in a large sled behind. 

You have your camera ready and we stop at some places along the route where we know the mooses like to be. 

We live in an area where the migratory mooses like to stay. 

There are many mooses that migrate down from the mountains just like the reindeers because it is easier to survive down here in the forest. This means that mooses gather in larger groups and are more likely to stay in the same area for a longer time. 

But bare in mind that mooses can be anywhere in the forest and we also might see Capercaillie, Black grouse, Ptarmigan and maybe Reindeers. 

The tour goes into an area where almost no other people move. The only way to get here is on skis or snowmobiles. 

The guide will show you different tracks and explain about what happens in the forest and about halfway into the tour we go up to a wind shelter to have a proper lunch by the open fire. 

We are staying out until about 14 when we arrive home. 

Everything has an end and this adventure only has one. 

Thank you for your time and take care out there!



Times and Price

38525 SEK/2p

For additional guests 8000 SEK/p up to 8 guests in total. 

We meet at wild lapland sleddogkennel at 9,30 day 1

Our dogsledtour ends about 14

Frank waits for us when we come home and takes you out to the island and you will arrive there around 15,30

You will be left alone on the island to experience the silence all alone around 21.00

Frank arrives about 07.00 and makes a fire in the stove and prepares breakfast

Packing up and returning to the kennel at 9.00

Wilderness excursion in search of the King of the forest between 9 and approx 14

Thank you for this time and transfer to your next adventure about 14,30-15


Included in the tour

Bedsheets in the cabin

Overall, shoes and big mittens. The overall is an extra layer to put on top of your clothes, so you still need to have your own winter clothes on. The overall keeps your clothes clean and makes sure the dogs are not ripping it. The shoes are arctic winter boots especially made for winter climate, if you use a double pair of wool socks you should stay warm.

Mittens are essential for keeping your hands warm when driving a sled. Use wool liners inside or maybe a thin finger glove.

Please state your normal shoe and clothes size when booking.

Clear glass goggles you can borrow from us if it is snowing on our tour. 

Headlamp on tour 

Lunch and fika day 1, dinner and evening snacks day 1, breakfast day 2, lunch day 2.

Dogteam with usually 3-5 dogs. Depending on conditions on the trail and size of the guest. 

On this tour I expect you all to drive your own team but it is also possible that you share a sled with 2 persons. Then you can take turns driving and have company with each other. Guide always present to lead you through this experience. 

Photos I take during the tour on a Dropbox file free for downloading. 


What to think about before the tour

Good clothes!

Underwear in wool is the best. Wool keeps you warm even if it gets wet, cotton doesn’t. It can be good to bring an extra pair of long johns and a long sleeve t-shirt to make sure you have dry clothes when you go to sleep.

Many thin layers are always better than one thick one.

Wool socks, preferably double pairs and an extra to switch in case you get wet.

A nice warm hat, one thinner and one warmer can be good since the weather could be changing quickly. 

Smaller liner gloves to have inside bigger mittens.

Finger gloves to use when we are working with the dogs.

Scarf to protect your face against wind.


Sunscreen! The sun is really burning and all the white snow reflects it so it’s really strong.

Extra snacks or candy that you want during the tour.

Toothbrush and other hygiene articles that you need. 

Bring extra batteries to the camera, they run out quickly if it’s cold. It is good to keep them near your body to keep them warm.

Tripod if you want to try night photography. 

Do not use skin cream or make up, they are usually water based and then they can create frostbites on your skin. If you really want to use something make sure it’s fat based and use it in the evening during the night.

The best way to stay warm outside is to move around. If it is really cold it’s important that you move and keep active. To keep your feets warm you need to have a lot of air in the shoes and have room to move your toes. Rather choose a bigger pair of shoes than the one that fits perfectly.

We need to know if you have any sickness or allergies in good time before the tour. Or if you use any medicines. This is a safety rule in case something happens. And also if you need any special food. 

Local cuisine up here in the north normally consists of various meat, mostly game meat like capercaillie, and moose but also reindeer and of course fish like trout or arctic char. 


We are really looking forward to meeting you.

Just send us an email if you have any questions.





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