Evening tour with fishing kayak in the stream

Evening tour with fishing kayak in the stream

If you think that kayaking is something really difficult that needs super balance we will show you the opposite. These fishing kayaks are made to be really stabile, it is almost flat and you are sitting on top of it instead of in it.

During this amazing evening tour your will experience Lapland at it´s best. It will be light the whole night and the silence and calmness that you will meet here in the forest will be amazing.

We will meet at the Wild Lapland sleddog kennel to try out life jackets and make sure we have everything we need for the tour. Then we will take our car to the starting point and it is about 40 minutes to drive.

The stream we will be paddling on meanders through the forest in the middle of our fantastic lapland landscape.

This is the home of the beavers, there are tracks and marks everywhere around us and during this tour it is a high chance to see the actual beaver, if we can be silent enough!

You don´t need any experience in paddling, this tour is really easy and we will adjust it for your level. We will paddle for a couple of hours and before we drive back home we will end the evening with a fire and some swedish fika.



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