Fishing kayak in the stream

Fishing kayak in the stream

Try out our really steady fishing kayaks in a small stream in the middle of the forest.

These boats are made to be steady enough to fish from and we sit on top of the kayak instead of in it as on a seakayak.

We meet at Wild Lapland headquarters and try out lifejackets for everyone and check that we have everything we need.

Then we get into the car and get into the forest. It´s a 40min drive through the wild before we get to our starting spot.

We start at one place upstream and put our kayaks into the water. Safety briefing and packing all our stuff. On this tour we slowly float/ paddle our way downstreams and the current gives us something 2km/h so with very moderat input of energy we get 4-5km/h, if the wind does not blow the other way… Relax and enjoy yourself.

Beavers live here and we will se marks and tracks and sometimes the actual beaver.

We stop half way to make outdoor lunch over open fire.



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