Full day tour with Canoe or Kayak in Ruskträsket

Full day tour with Canoe or Kayak in Ruskträsket

Paddle the lake Ruskträsket together with me!

Wonderful undisturbed nature where we make our way on the water in our own pace

Experience “The Sound”, “Ruskträskkalven” and maybe if we have the strength, “Mösupbäcken”

This is an easy kayak and/or canoe tour on the lake Ruskträsket. We will bring outdoor lunch that we will cook over open fire.


About this tour

We meet at the sleddog kennel of Wild Lapland and make sure that we have all our equipment and of course lifejackets. Then we take a short car ride down to the lake.

We always start with a safety briefing depending on your previous skills.

On the lake we enjoy the freedom of paddling and together we explore the surroundings. Sometimes we see the eagle or other birds by the lake or we study insects by the shoreline, maybe we spot some fishes down there!!

Depending on the weather we head East or West. To the East the lake widens alot and it is a bit more than 1km across, here there are islands and lovely sand beaches where we might happen to end up!? To the West the lake has a bit more of forest feel on the shoreline. It is alot more narrow and we have sounds and creeks to explore.

This tour if perfect if you would like to try out paddling for the first time or if you just want to have a pleasant time with your family or friends.


More info

On this tour it is possible to book both canoes, fishing kayaks and sea kayaks. I recommend canoes if you have children under 12 with you. The fishing kayaks are more stabile than the canoes! it does on the other hand make them slower. Sea kayaks are fastest! Personally i find it absolutely amazing to glide across the water seemingly without effort. You write a comment when booking what you prefer or get in touch with us directly.


Times and prices

Duration 6h


Adult 12+ 1300 SEK/person

Children 0-12 500/p




Your guide will have a safety instruction about the paddling before we go in to the water




Spray-cover for the sea kayaks

Lunch outside in the forest

We bring mosquito repellent


What to bring

If the weather is warm you can bring swim wear, to paddle in or to take a swim.
Towel and extra clothes might be good.

The sun is bright some days so sunglasses are good

If you know you are sensitive to mosquito repellent please bring your own.



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