Seakayak in the Vindelriver

Seakayak in the Vindelriver

The journey is the road!

Traveling along this magnificent river is breathtaking

You, in a seakayak, on the river, making your way downstream

Mindfulness in motion!

The Vindel River is one of our few unregulated rivers and now also a Biosphere Reserve designated by UNESCO.

This river is fantastic to paddle on. Here we use sea kayaks and can go a fairly long distance during the day.


About the tour

The tour start at Wild Lapland´s sled dog kennel where we will try out life jackets and make sure we have everything we need for the day. Then we will take the car and go to our starting point, only 10 minutes away.

At the river we will have a safety instruction and you will be able to try out the kayaks before we get going.

We will stop along the river to have lunch outdoor and take a much needed break before continuing downstream to our goal.

Sea kayaking is more difficult than fishing kayaking and requires better balance from you. But the part of the Vindel River we paddle on is relatively simple and we do not go through any rapids.

Your guide will go through how you do and what you need to think about in the water and will of course be with you throughout the trip to answer any questions you may have.


Included in the Experience

Life jackets.
Outdoor lunch.
Transfer to and from the river.



Adult 15+ 1950 SEK/person



The whole tour takes 7 hours in total.

We meet at Wild Lapland at 9,00

Arriving at our starting point at about 9,30

Should be on the river at about 10,30

We usually have lunch around 12-13,30

Around 15-15,30 we arrive at the pickup point

Should be back at Wild Lapland at around 16.


More info

On this tour you need to be minimum 15 years old and all of you need to be able to swim.

Sunscreen and sunglasses are almost mandatory. We are really exposed to the sun all day.

There is a chance/risk of falling into the water. Think of what you use and how to keep it safe. Strings for the sunglasses or glasses, String for your phone/camera.

Bring an extra set of clothes on tour. Pack it in a plastic bag so it does not get wet. The bag is packed in the cargohull of the kayak which is watertight.


What to bring

Swim wear in case of warm weather, maybe you would like to take a swim in the river or just paddle in the swim wear.

Towel and extra clothes.

Sunscreen and sunglasses.



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