Canoe & kayaking tours

Evening seakayaktour on the Vindelriver

Watch the magic light and the fairies dance in the sunset. Paddle your kayak downstream on the Vindelriver

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Evening tour in Ruskträsket with canoe or kayak

Magical evening experience! A uniqe lightshow every night! Paddle your way on a lake in the middle of the forest On this tour you will get to experience the fantastic evening light in Lapland in a kayak or canoe on our homelake

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Paddle slowly through Beaver territory

We use steady fishing kayaks when we explore the creek. We stop for lunch outside on the creekside

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Canoe or Kayak in Ruskträsket

Canoe/Kayak tour in Ruskträsket. Short family friendly tour with a guide.

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Seakayak in the Vindelriver

Travel along the magnificent river and let nature take over your mind

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Full day tour with Canoe or Kayak in Ruskträsket

Join us exploring our surroundings. Choose between canoe, seakayak or fishingkayak. Lunch included

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Canoe & kayaking tours

We are enthusiasts of water! Summers here are nothing short of magical.

Nature thrives in all its glory, and we relish the opportunity to immerse in a canoe or a kayak.

Paddling through intimate streams, tranquil lakes, and along the regal flow of the Vindel River is not just an activity – it’s a celebration of life and nature in all its majestic abundance.

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