Summer activities

Dryland mushing

“”What are the huskys doing in the summer?” is one of the most common questions that we get. And the answer is: Running!

When the sun is getting lower and the temperature drops we are going out to enjoy the light summer nights.

It´s time for a Midnight Sun Run!

Kayak and Canoe tours

We offer kayak and canoe tours in different environments and difficulty. The whole family can join a Canoe tour on the big lake Ruskträsket and enjoy a swedish “fika” at the shore line. Or you can try out our fishing kayaks on a small stream in the middle of the forrest. And for the more experience or you who want a bigger adventure, try out our sea kayaks in the river Vindelälven, why not under the midnight sun?

Husky walk

On this tour you get to visit our kennel to see how the dogs live. And we are also bringing some huskys on a lovely walk down to the lake. At the lake we make a stop to have some swedish “fika” at the fire, you have time to cuddle with the dogs and enjoy the quiet surroundings. If it is warm weather maybe you would like to take a swim with some of the dogs?

Walk along Vormforsen

This is a shorter tour along Vindelälven where we look at the powerful rapid Vormforsen.
Vindelälven is a biosphere area chosen by UNESCO and Vormforsen is a nature reserve with an extra protective area where we can find several rare and red-listed species.

Kennel visit

What are the huskys doing in the summer? How do they live, what do they eat? You are welcome to join us in our kennel and meet our 40 huskys and we will answer all your questions. We will let some of the dogs out from their kennels for some cuddle and then we will take a walk in our free-running area in the forrest.