Wild and free mushing

A full day out in the wild.

For you who has a little experience or for you who want to do something more! Get to know your new friends that is your team mates! Become a part of the team and feel the connection between the hard working dogs and the musher. This tour takes you further into the wild and we stop for lunch somewhere on route.

On this tour we go deeper into the mushing world. You get to learn more, drive more, talk more and eat more than on the mushers joy. As always we start with a lesson in handling the sled and the dogs. We let our dogs loose at the starting point so they can warm up a bit. We put harnesses on the dogs and attach them to our sleds. The start is always a bit stressful but we take it slow and easy so that everyone gets going. We make a quick stop after 20-30 min to check the teams, adjust clothing or take a quick photo. After this brake the plan is to continue for another 1,5 hours up to the lunch spot. This is where the Alaskan husky comes to its right! Enjoy the scenery, make a film, take photos or just stand there and admire the dogs doing exactly what they are born to do. 

When we stop for lunch we give the dogs a snack, make a fire and cook a nice reindeer stew. This is where we have time to solve the problems of the world. Or just make a snow angel and relax on the reindeer skin.

We are out for about 7 hours, depends on weather and trail conditions. On this tour its good to bring a bag with extra socks, jacket, scarf and warmer gloves.

Winter boots and overall to keep you warm.
Outdoor lunch

Transfer to and from the kennel.
Hats and gloves

3500 SEK/person drive your own team
2800 SEK/person share with a friend

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