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Morgan is a big snow lover. -15 degrees is the perfect temperature if you ask him. And also he got the Polar dog disease…..
“The polar dog disease begins with that you get one sled dog. Then you get one more, then you loose count!!! Usually ”normal” people start to pull the emergency brake when their car is full of dogs, I bought a bigger car, and a trailer” Morgan says.

Outdoor life has always been a big part of who he is. The best quality time with his father was when they where going fishing. And that continued on, Morgan was studing to become a fishing and hunting guide in school. He did military service as a special forces group leader and paramedic that specialized on cold wether. He has been running a tourist station in the Swedish mountains with a friend. And then the polar dog disease kicked in at 2005. And as you understand, there is no cure!

The dogs

Wild Lapland is also 28 Alaskan huskies, both males and females, puppies and retired. They are happy, hardworking and loyal dogs that loves to run. And they need to run. They are born to run.

Alaskan Husky is a mix-breed from the start. You can´t go on a show with an Alaskan Husky. But you can win a sled dog race. Thats why all our dogs looks different. Some are white, some are dark and a few are yellow. Blue eyes or brown eyes, to us it doesn´t matter.

We breed on good qualities:

  • Loves to run
  • Good fur and paws
  • Friendly both with people and other dogs
  • Good eaters, even when they are tired
  • Working attitude
  • Team spirit

This and a lot more is what we call a good sleddog.

When you join us on a tour we will tell you everything you would like to know, and probably more!

Hero – where it all started

Morgan bought Hero as an ill-behaved youngster that wasn´t trained at all. But he had the most beautiful blue eyes. Morgan was a rookie on dogsledding, Hero as well. But together they explored, they learned, they failed and they tried again. Soon Hero became not only a head leader but also a best friend.

Hero was always trusting Morgan, he followed every word, go left, go right, go over this lake, through the new snow without any trail to follow, over the mountains and deep into the forest. And when the snowstorm came and Morgan did not see the way home, he trusted that Hero safely brought him back.

Morgan and Hero have done everything together, Hero made Morgan the musher he is today. And its all because of Hero that we do this!

Some dogs are a once-in-a-lifetime-dog. Hero sure was. But he still lives in his children, grand children and great grand children that runs our business today.

Eco tourism policy

All I want is to be able to live of and with the nature in the place that I have come to call home.  My company is built on activities that makes none or almost no impact on the nature at all and that’s exactly how I want it. 

Today we rent the trails that we run on from the landowners. This is my way of securing the access to the trails in winter and also to contribute to the landowners.  In the longer perspective I aim to run the main part of my business on my own land.

The freedom to roam is a great thing in Sweden.  I mean that it comes with obligations and if you fulfill them you can be in the forest. 
Do not disturb or destroy! 
We aim to talk about what we have around us, show you what it looks like and we are going to do that for decades to come! We care for every flower, plant and tree aswell as of the animals that live in the forest. 

We also work alongside others that make their living from the forest. The Sami’s, logging companies, hunters and other entrepreneurs. I think that if we are open with what we want and need we can coexist without conflicts. 

The main part of Wild Lapland is dog sledding tours with Alaskan Huskies. 
I aim to be the best in dog care! This runs through all the tours that you as a guest can take part in. When I am working with a tour I want you to feel that you got more than you paid for.  At the same time the tours are standardised and in safety measures controlled but there is always a personal touch to it. The meeting between you and me or even more you and the dogs has to take the time it needs. 

I am good at what I do, and I want to let other companies shine as well, the ones that make the wooden cups we have at fika, the food we eat at lunch. We cooperate with many local suppliers when it comes to blankets, reindeer skins, food, dog equipment and many more things. 

This is how I try to include more people to gain from the fact that you are traveling to us! Even if I need to get something from outside local, I still think of all these aspects and try to make as good a decision as possible. 

My goal with every tour is to educate and enlighten you about how it could be. The history of the Sami and the forest. What is happening in the forest now? My history or the sled dogs history. I would like to teach you about how it could be done and I want to do it by showing you what we do.

We work according to the UN Global means. 
We strive to offer knowledge, equality and safety for both us and our guests.

Everyone is welcome to us! The love for the dogs and nature unites us!

All the things above is in short my thinking but of course there is more to it than this. If you who read have any questions just send me an email and I’ll do my very best to answer. 

Here are a few links to other places that show a bit of what we do but also other places that you might want to visit.

Pinus projekt! That was a projekt run by the Forest museum In Lycksele a few years ago. It intended to bring the logging and tourism companies closer together. 

We got a good deal with the logging company Svea Skog where we rent the trails that we run on in winter. Safety and reliability for us and some income for the landowners. 

The projekt also produced the “knowledge tree ” If you follow the link below you will find it. 


To be a real “Västerbotten Experience” is to us a certifikat of that we are doing the right thing. At the same time it is a mark that gives you the security that you can trust us when we say we are really good! 

Wild Lapland is certified “Västerbotten Experience” and here you can read about many others.


Wild Lapland is approved by Nature’s Best. The foundation of my company is built on the feeling “Best for nature, Best for you” 

We have twisted and turned and came to the conclusion that this is how we should do it. 

This makes us proud to present ourselves as Nature’s Best! 


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