About us


Welcome to Wild Lapland
We are a dogsled company based in Ruskträsk 35 km outside Lycksele in Västerbotten County. After 11 years in the Kiruna mountains we have moved home to the forest. We ran Abisko Dogsled for 4 years in Abisko and now we have settled down as Wild Lapland, right where we belong.

Wild Lapland stands for the beauty of the wilderness that we love. The forest, the mountains, the rivers and lakes, marshlands and wildlife. Our dogs gives us the opportunity to enjoy it all.

We offer activities with dogs all year around, dogsled tours in the winter and spring, husky walks and kennel visits in the summer and dogsled tours on wheels in the autumn. An activity with us can last in 30 minutes or up to a week. Is there anything you miss on the webpage? We can tailor trips and packages into the smallest detail to suit your holiday perfectly. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.

Wild Lapland is a small family business where the guest and the experience is our biggest focus. And the dogs of course, they are our best friends and amazing coworkers.

Come follow us on an adventure and get a glimpse of our lives.


I love the snow! -15 C is perfect! I was brought up in the southern parts of Swedens forest region. Horses where the thing at that time, foresting with my father.  i studied hunting and fishing and became a guide at Tjuonajokk wilderness camp. Thats where the love for the winter really bloomed. I did my military service as a special forces group leader and paramedic and we specialized on cold wether.  I met Mattias in the military who´s father at that time was running Katterjokk Turiststation which we took over 2005. Our own youth hostel, snow from october until june! Perfect place to get the ”Polardog disease”!!

The polar dog disease begins with that you get one sled dog. Then you get one more, then you loose count!!! Usually ”normal” people start to pull the emergency brake when their car is full of dogs, I bought a bigger car, and a trailer:)


I was born and raised as animal and nature lover . As long as I can remember I wanted to be a veterinarian. But plans changed over time and I studied three years in a dog sports school in Forshaga. It awakened my interest about the sled dog sport and I started skiing with dogs. After my first visit to the northern mountains and the meeting with sled dogs I was hooked. After high school I moved up to Kiruna and studied to become a nature guide. When I am not working with the huskies I have my Belgian Shepard, Groenendal that I do obedience and agility with.

I also work as a photographer that especially shoot weddings, love and family pictures.