Private stay on the island Summer

Private stay on the island Summer

The Island

Your Exclusive Private Island Experience

Relax and enjoy stunning scenery undisturbed


Wild Lapland’s Island Experience includes everything you need for a rustic and peaceful experience in nature. Our newly renovated cabin awaits you on a secluded small island on the Ruskträsket lake. On the island let your imagination fill your evening with activities! You can start a cozy fire and grill an evening snack right at your doorstep and enjoy a fine glass of wine from your veranda at sunset. Experience the sounds and silence of nature and well deserved good nights rest. In the morning why not take a refreshing swim around the island while listening to singing birds after breakfast? Out here, you decide how to experience nature to the fullest!

We meet at the Wild Lapland Sled Dog kennel where we say a quick hello to the dogs. 

Next we get you lifejackets and then we go down to the lake and the boat that we use to get out to the island. It is about a 10-20 min boat ride depending on the weather. 

At the island we explain how we thought this could be and you will get a safety briefing. 

There is a small boat with an electric engine on, at the island for your disposal. We can also arrange a canoe or kayak for you if you prefer that. 


7500SEK/2p including meals that you cook yourself. 

For additional guests 

3000/p up to 8 guests in total. 


Meet at Wild Lapland at 15.00 day 1.

On the Island at about 16.00

Introduction and safety briefing lasts about 45 mins

The island is all yours from 17.00

Pick up from the island at 11.00 day 2. 

Back at Wild Lapland at 12.00

The Island Experience includes:

Dinner (self cooked)

Evening snacks and a wine bottle (selfenjoyed)

Breakfast (in private at your own time)

Please let us know if you or anyone in your party has food restrictions while booking.

Bed sheets and towels

Cleaning and washing the dishes

Boat with electric engine, lifejackets

Transport to and from the island

Want to add a little extra to your stay?

We can arrange canoes, kayaks, stand up paddleboards and fishing equipment at an additional cost.


Good to Know: 

The cabin on the Island is off-grid. (No electricity or running water, there is cellphone reception just in case!)

Wood fire stove for heating and a gas stove to cook on inside and beautiful fireplaces outside. 

There is a power bank where you can charge your small electric devices. There is a multi cable which fits most phone charging ports. 

Drinking water is provided. 

The water in the lake is safe for bathing, washing hands, and doing dishes. We recommend boiling the water for cooking.

There is an outhouse on the island. Only use the toilet on the island and leave nature as you found it. 

All dirty or used water is to be poured out in one specific place. This will be shown during your introduction to the island.

Wear lifejackets at all times while on the boats or water sports equipment.

Do not use the boats or canoes if you have been drinking alcohol. 

Stay safe while bathing. The water can be cooler than expected and you might be exhausted quicker than you would expect. 

The arctic and subarctic climate has mosquitoes and we at Wild Lapland are prepared! 

We have repellents available for you to use on your stay. If you have any allergies to repellents please bring your own. So please remember to bring your own if you have any special preference so that you can enjoy your stay even more! The cabin has mosquito nets installed in the windows so you can open them during the night if needed. If you get bitten don’t worry, the bites are harmless and there are no mosquito borne diseases in northern Sweden. Aloe Vera ointment is great for soothing a bite. This is a thing with coming up to us here.  If you have any questions we will be happy to answer them!

Blackout curtains are available for those who find the midnight sun a bit annoying. 

While making open pit fires:

It is very important that you are careful!

Only make fires at dedicated spots.

Make sure that fires are put out with plenty of water before leaving them.

Always have a bucket of water full beside the fireplace in case of emergency.

If you leave the island during your stay please bring the firewood and lighting material with you.



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